Ductless mini- and multi split air conditioners and heat pumps provide targeted temperature control without the costly and invasive installation of ductwork.  There’s no need to move a portable unit in and out of a window every season.  There’s no need to stretch cords across the floor for space heating.  These compact and elegant systems integrate neatly and simply into any home design.  Specializing in advanced ductless systems, White Goods Services, Inc. provides knowledgeable recommendations, accurate sizing, and proper location of indoor units.  We complete installation quickly and neatly, and protect your investment with skilled maintenance and repair services.

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Carrier ductless HVACA main advantage of a split system is zoned conditioning.  With a single outdoor unit, you can target up to eight rooms, customizing your indoor climate and only heating or cooling occupied spaces.  And because your new ductless system requires a mere three-inch hole in an exterior wall, installation is quick and mess-free.  Indoor units are lightweight, approximately seven inches deep, and can be mounted high on the wall or set flush into a drop ceiling.  Control temperature, fan speed, quickly raise and lower temperature, or switch from heating to cooling from a convenient wireless remote.  Although the unit is right there in the room with you, these systems are exceptionally quiet and deliver gentle corner-to-corner conditioning.

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As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, White Goods Services, Inc. brings you outstanding options in ductless technology, superior technical expertise, and an answer to every challenge your home or office may present.  Our team of NATE-certified technicians will help you determine the right system for your exact needs.  We’ve brought rewarding solutions to our valued customers across Virginia Beach, Chesapeake & Norfolk, VA since 1996.  When it comes to your comfort, Don’t Fuss… Just Call Russ.

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